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Who says you cannot train on your own? I mean with your k9 friend ;) Training for canicross should be just as structured as training in any other sports except for canicross you also have to train your dog and train with your dog. That’s the beauty of canicross – it keeps you both busy.


Standard training plans don’t work for most people because we have a busy life, family, different work patterns, different availability to train and different goals and we are all different so why follow a training plan that should fit everyone?


At Run With K9s we design YOUR training plan, including strength, mobility and dog training, for YOU and YOUR GOALS, whether it is for complete beginner to super competitive runner. A training plan can be as long as 6 months – depending on the race/distance you are preparing for, although we specialise in shorter distances like 5 and 10k races, and I can tell you from experience that 6 or 8 weeks is not a realistic timeframe to improve fitness even for a short race like 5k, hence why standard training plans don’t work.


YOUR training plan designed by us will be as long as it needs to be, depending on your race/distance goal but no more than 4 months – because your body needs a break afer a while :) and you can keep and re-use the plan again and again. Your training plan will include advice on your perceived effort zones, heart rate zones, pacing strategies, speed/strength sessions, drills/exercises to improve your running form, strength and mobility training, cross training and dog training and it will be cyclic, progressive and race specific. In one word – it’ll be FUN!


Now let’s train!

Your Canicross Training Plan

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