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At Run With K9s we offer a dog-athlete centred approach to coaching and training to suit any fitness and skills level and we support and encourage all teams to be the best they can be!

Sian, UK

''After discovering canicross just two years ago I fell in love with running with the dogs but given I've never been a runner, I've never been sporty so at nearly 40 I was ok with being the slow one at the back, the one who could not keep up very well but just went for the fun.
In April I did a racing weekend at Catton Hall and I would say that was my lowest point. I felt so frustrted as I was just never getting any better. I approached Cristina, I knew she was a coach and after more discussions she agreed to help me. There have been tears. She's dealt with my lows and highs but I have stuck with my program she has tailor-made for me. The results over the last 2 weeks in my age group have been amazing and shocking all rolled into one. Two years ago I did only tridog over both days and was absolutely exhausted for the week after. This time I did tridog and canicross both days whilst having an awful cold. My recovery was so much faster and I didn't feel like I was dying.
This past weekend I ran my fastest mile ever. I did have my young dog by my side but we are still working with him with regards to focus and Cristina is a wealth of avice and guidance with me on this.
I can't thank Cristina enough and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make improvements to their running.''

Canicross Skills

Learn canicross skills online, or in person at a 1:2:1 with me and one of my dogs or our *social runs! Just pick the option that suits you.

Fun is guaranteed! Oh, and it's addictive too ;)

* If you want to join our social runs please join our Facebook Group first to see the events.

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Online Coaching

Canicross is not quite like running solo so training, besides training your dog, has to be different in order to help your body adapt to the power of your dog pulling you. We coach you and your k9 to suit your fitness level and your goals with the aim of improving fatigue resistance and strength and staying injury free!

If you're not sure what to do, get in touch and we'll work out an option for you ;)

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Online and in person
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